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Keith Haring x The Skateroom - Untitled Heart skateboard


Le skateboard Keith Haring can be placed or hung on the wall, but also adorned with wheels and thus regain its original function.

The Skateroom collaborates with the greatest artists of contemporary art to create art editions at democratic prices on the flagship medium of counter-culture: the skateboard. They are also at the origin of a social initiative, and donate part of their income to theNGO Skateistan, which enables children and youth to access education and skate programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

  • Made of Canadian grade A 7-ply maple wood.
  • The first impression includes the printed signature of the artist.
  • A wall bracket is included for each board.
  • Model dimensions: 80cm x 20cm (31x8in)
  • NEW

Shipping and delivery

  • Specific packaging
  • Shipping insurance
  • Tracking number provided
  • If sent by Colissimo, hand delivery (countersignature)