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Robert Combas X Pascal Comelade - Traffic D'Abstraction - Limited vinyl edition of 500 numbered copies


Reissue of the 1st album by Pascal Comelade, in vinyl limited to 500 copies. Pascal Comelade kept the songs he deemed best from the original album. He also completed some of them, and replaced some tracks with other alternative versions and unreleased tracks that he composed in parallel. We will rediscover the animation clip of "The Skatalan Logicofobism" in the extra CD included in the vinyl sleeve, produced especially for this track in Paris in 1994, by Florence Deygas and Olivier Kuntzel.

  • Printed on Gatefold vinyl record sleeve. Original vinyl record
  • Includes album CD
  • Artwork Robert COMBAS
  • 31 x 31cm (12.2 x 12.2 inches)
  • Limited edition of 500 numbered copies for Le Monde
  • NEW in cellophane

Shipping and delivery

  • Specific packaging
  • Shipping insurance
  • Tracking number provided
  • Sending by Colissimo, hand delivery (countersignature)